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The Boring Stuff

2017-06-27 16:04:44 by OfficialCheezedoodle

So If I haven't made it clear yet, there are certain limits that you can go with my music. Definitely not a lot though. For a straight rule though, here is the COPYRIGHT POLICY that goes with all of my music:

You are allowed to use my music for YouTube and Twitch. For free. You just have to give me credit in the description like this:

Music: ThisIsCheezedoodle - (Song Name) (Song Link)

(optional)(Media Link)

If you do that, you are free to use it on YouTube, or Twitch only. Nowhere else.

IF you are wanting to promote my music, perform my music, or to sell my music, you are to contact me. These are just rules you have to follow, and then you will enjoy my music.


Here are the Boring Ground Rules presented to you.



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